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Our ONE priority



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Priority One Consulting focuses on providing prioritized and personlized solutions for all of our clients. From small local business to large public safety organizations and even state government units.


The only number you will feel like is number ONE!

Priority One specializes in project management of any size. From small office management projects to full cloud based system upgrades Priority One is your direct resource to get your project completed on time and on budget. 

Priority One can also provide support with upgrading outdated phone systems and other technology upgrades to improve your company's management success. 

With extensive public safety experience we can leverage our resources to help you reach healthcare groups, EMS agencies, police and fire departments. 

Scott, Owner

“Priority One has provided a multitude of services to our business from installing a new CCTV system to upgrading our CRM system. We could not be happier with their service!"

Patrick, Operations Manager

"P1 did an amazing job with implmenting a new VIOP system at our multi site location. P1 continues to provide onsite and off site support of our system."

Sandra, CMO

“Matt with Priority One has provided our orgnization with support for multiple markiting initiztives from Billboard production to mailings. From start to finish we have been impressed.”


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